You are welcome to Monitor the Nationwide Progress of the 1st Day of JAMB 2019 UTME, this day on, 11th April, 2019. New comments and reports are added every minute. If you want to remain updated, you will need to reload this page as often as you can to check out new comments that have been added.

All JAMB UTME Candidates writing today, Please use the comment section to update us every inch of the way, especially if you encounter any issues during the Exam. This is a Live Updates thread, so let us know when you get to your center, and if at all there is any delay or problems experienced at your centre during the UTME.

Let us know of anything that happens right from the moment you get to the exam centre (remember you are to be there 30 minutes before your scheduled time) till the time you are about to step into the examination hall. We understand you won’t be allowed to get in to the hall with your phones, so your real time (Live!) updates may end the moment it’s your turn for the Biometric verification.

When providing us with your update, indicate the State and the name of the exam centre you are reporting from. This will enable JAMB officials and other Candidates to know exactly what centre has issues.


9 thoughts on “UTME 2019 DAY ONE (APRIL 11, 2019)-GET IN HERE”

  1. Please any art department.i beg u in Jesus name,go and read history textbook for government,this year JAMB is not easy at all,no past question at all,they set new questions and it not easy

  2. Today 7am na wire!!! I swear…!!
    Jamb wan kill person.. See physics calculations person go just dey stranded,confused, lost n oblivion..
    Organic chem na another one gan… Jamb just plan am..

    I don taya for them..

    If u knw u aren't prepared well enough biko go and get ur arsenals o.. Jamb ready well for this one..

    Although the thing conc. But e make sense like Samson.

    Meaning of indolent, opposite.?
    What is the name of the inhaler?
    Where did bobo travel to?
    Who wrote that little note about my heart skips when I think about you?
    What posing was aliyah going for?
    What was aliyah nice name??
    Questions from sweet sixteen were about 8-10
    Linear molecules -chem
    Use of CuSO4 during the preparation of ethyne…

    Na that few I remember sha..

    I couldn't finish n submit my exam when the computer log me out… It wasn't just including d guy next to me.. And the time was about 7-9 mins left…I left about 15-20 questions unanswered in all… When it log out I almost cried until d cbt official told me it was working with a different time not the one on the system.. My bad day was actually today….

    What a shame..
    It was horrible…

    all the best..
    Pls work with the time..

  3. Computer Failure In Sunshine Groups Of School Located At Oke Bola Ntc Road Oke,Ibadan. Pls Pray Us Am Having My Exam Tomorrow And I Want This To Happen Again.Wish Me Gudluck As I Wish U Best Of Luck My Fellow Jambite
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    Blesso: At my center,i was given jamb customised paper to calculate. You only have to come with pencil not pen/biro. In chemistry,a common example of suspension is _ a) harmattan haze b)fog c) dew. I cant remember option d). Read in chemistry about twenty carbon atoms. Do you know one funny thing that i discovered today while i was in the hot seat at exam hall? All the past months i used to read,study,practice jamb past questions. Those questions didn't appear. The questions that i saw on the screen where the ones i practice last week to the exam date. I don't say i have not been reading. Jamb doesn't want to know if you are intelligent or that you know how to read well. Jamb is testing your smartness because the questions are very tricky,no matter how you read. Just be smart and pray

  4. I thank God for successful jamb exams i wrote today. My center is gestric infotech and management institute,akwa ibom. Starting from the biometric verification to writing the exams. Everything was perfect!
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    Blesso: The register in the use of english that i wrote is about money. Out of all the past questions that i have been studying before i wrote the exams,Jamb repeated very little past questions;so what you will see are majority of questions that are not repeated.

  5. Hello guys ,I did my exam today ,jamb doesn't repeat today 7 was different, 9 too was cuz I did mine by 9 ,even 1:30 was worst,nothing was repeated.Jamb are crazy

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