UNILAG Students Lambast Management Over Resumption Date Extension, Slow Academic Calendar As DSA Gives Reasons

UNILAG Students Lambast Management

Students of University of Lagos, UNILAG, have taken to their management to student communication channel to express their displeasure over the institution’s extension of resumption of academic activities from Tuesday, October, 3 to Monday, October, 30. Some students decried the unnecessary delay of the academic calendar leading up to students spending more non-bargained years in the university.

The YOMSDIRECT reported yesterday that UNILAG will resume academic activities not October 3, but on a later date October 30, scheduled for resumption by the management of the institution. Some aggrieved students did not take this decision lightly as they took to the telegram management-to-student communication platform to lambast the decision in what was termed ‘UNILAG known for lagging behind’.

However, the Dean of Students’ affairs, Prof. Musa Obalola has responded to the aggrieved students, giving reasons for the extension. He wrote on telegram.

“The decision to postpone resumption by 4 weeks was a painful one but taken in the best interest of students.

That’s the summary I can give now, I will give full explanation tomorrow.

This information is to allow those of you leaving far away to stop whatever arrangements they’re making for traveling to Lagos.

For your information, the University never announced 17th October as the resumption date as being mentioned by some of you, it was just a rumour from one of you.

Can you tell me in all honesty that if you resume and things are not working, you’ll not complain, after paying those various amounts as obligatory fees?

Can the University reopens and ask you to come from home for lectures?

As some of you have being quipping sarcastically, “why are they just talking about renovation of hostels, what have they been doing all these months”, where will the money to renovate the hostels come from or do you think the University was prevaricating when it says the University was on the verge of collapsing, because there was no money, and it’s in a budget deficit of Billions of Naira?

Can you after paying so much for laboratory services, enter your labs and still meet them the way you left them about 4 months ago and not curse the Management as you are doing at the moment?

I expect you as people of intellect, to interrogate this decision, carefully reflecting on recents happenings and at least give the University benefit of the doubt?

Must it always be the case that students must always behave irrationally or on impulse each time things don’t turn out the way they had expected? Perhaps it is a Nigerian thing, not an African problem because you hadly heard of such behaviour in other African countries, and definitely, not of the more developed climes that I have been privileged to lived and trained.”

A user identified as Aye miii on telegram reacted to the statement, he said:

“You guys are honestly being inconsiderate and wicked… talking about how if it’s our parents blah blah… You’re not!!!

It’s high time you guys stop referring to us like a family member, we don’t know you!!

Calling us your children, howw??? We aren’t your children, you know how many pikin you born!

Unilag better shift that rubbish events they want to hold, it’s definitely not going to be funny.

Don’t unilag have a board?? Because how are they just booting.. that it’s now they want to do renovations??

Stop toying with our lives!!!!
It’s not fair, you guys will get what you deserve sha. AmenWe are not your children!!!”.

Another user said

“If you are in 100 or 200lv here, and your parents are cash-rich, please transfer yourself somewhere else.

One candid advice”.

A user named Trade box also expressed digust in the recent development

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“I strongly believe that a whole federal school such as ours is not incapable of running a school while improving its components in modules. Its being done by even smaller entities than your so called federal school.
What we are suggesting is that it is even more damaging to our careers, plans, lives if our time keeps being wasted. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALTERNATIVES TO PHYSICAL LECTURES.
Unilag prides itself the top 3 best schools in Nigeria, and at some point top 20 in Africa, but what for ?!! You cannot even manage resuming activities with the available resources to save a student’s future yet you talk about “Unlocking the future” in your events.
Muss I hope you understand that the reputation of this school is being painted dark by the display of incompetence in the management’s decisions.
I hope one day we get it right once and for all… Uncertainty is an endemic and very dangerous for everyone”.

A user, Omolola wrote “But at lzt,that academic calendar should be adjusted from 7months to 3 normal months. Because with this 4months break plus 7 months in a semester ,when it’s not pregnancy. Even someone that’s pregnant sef would have birthed her child .Asuu on the other hand is cooking something again .Sir,plz speak for we the students .And best interest of student ? This is merely just short term satisfaction compared to long term injury to most student .Renovation will happen ,but what about students dat will graduate at a later age .Especially in this modern day , where there is a specified age requirement to be welcomed into the labor force .Or make we enjoy the comfort of our hostel “that’s under renovation’ at the expense of our future ..Laslas ,person go explain tire …God will Sha pay everyone for his or her deeds and we the innocent students that are not being considered,our heads will eventually do justice .Most of us just wan graduate and get the certificate .We are tired already ,when it’s not life imprisonment Pharaoh ,plz let us GOOOO”.

UNILAG Students Lambast Management

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