UNILAG Reduces Hiked Fees, Agrees To Reinstate SUG, Sets New Modalities Of Payment

UNILAG To Reinstate SUG

It was a marathon session at the University of Lagos Senate building yesterday, where the management held a long lasting discussion with the faculties leaders of the institution alongside members of the National association of Nigerian students to discuss the resolution of the lingering issues of increased tuition fees which had led to numerous protests from students, parents and backdrop of calls from various stakeholders.

The meeting which started 12pm, yesterday (Thursday), witnessed an over five hour discussion where several resolutions were made in proportion to suit the affected students as well as the management of the institution which claimed the necessity of UNILAG is to be adequately funded in order to run the expenses of the university of first choice, hence the initial hiked fee.  YOMSDIRECT REPORTS

Issues addressed at the meeting were the review of obligatory fees, hostel fees, reinstatement of students’ union which was longed proscribed in 2016.

YOMSDIRECT confirmed this in a joint press release of the faculty leaders in a bid to communicate the outcome of the meeting held with the school management alongside representatives of NANS to the populace. The joint press release titled COMMUNIQUE OF THE MEETING BETWEEN THE MNAGEMENT, FACULTY PRESIDENTS AND THE REPRESENTTIVE OF NIGERIA STUDENTS [NANS]

“Today, 14th September 2023, a meeting was held between the Management of the
University of Lagos, the Faculty Presidents and the representatives of the National
Association of Nigeria Students (NANS). The issues that were discussed are as follow:
Review of Obligatory Fees,
Review of Hostel Fees
Reinstatement of Students’ Union Government(SUG)
After over 5 hours of negotiation with the management, the following resolutions were made



Returning Students without labs are expected to pay N80,750 instead of the former fee of N100,750.

Returning students with labs are to pay N120,250 different from the previous N140,250.

While returning students for college of medicine university of Lagos/ pharmacy  are to pay N170,250 instead of N190,250


Students without labs are to pay N116,325 instead of N126,225

Students with labs are to pay N166,325 instead of N176,325


Recent charge is N15,000 different from the former N20,000″


Convocating students are now mandated to N27,000 instead of the previous N30,000


The UNILAG hostel fee was not left unchanged, the proposed fee now for public hostels is N43,000 instead of the N90,000.

Sodeinde hall, which was hiked to N250,000 has been reviewed to N135,000

Idi Araba was formerly hiked N120,000 has been reviewed to N65,000″

Furthermore, an agreement was reached with the management to reinstate the long proscribed Students Union Government as far back as 2016.

Why I Referred To Protesters As Non-UNILAG Students – UNILAG DSA

UNILAG To Reinstate SUG

“In addition to the reduction in various fees, the Management assures us that Students Union Government (SUG) would be reinstated in due time.

Furthermore, the Management also stated that no students would drop on account of inability to pay the obligatory fees as different measures have been put in place to cushion the hike in fees. Also of note is the fact that the Management still allows students to pay in three different installments. The first installment of 50% must be paid prior to registration. The second installment of 20% must be paid before first semester exams hold. The third installment of 30% must be paid before registration for second semester.

We, the Faculty Presidents, want to seize this opportunity to thank the Management of the University of Lagos for giving us listening ears. And we also want to appreciate the efforts of every student over the hike in fees. You are indeed a top priority for the University of Lagos.

We also look forward to the implementation of the current fees.”

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