Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Examination Results Analysis

There will be remarks on the results which might likely get you confused. The four kinds of remarks usually found under the scores are listed below;
1. recommended
2. not recommended
3. not set
4. Stepped down
5. Not Qualified
Below is detailed analysis of the remarks;
Recommended mean you will definitely make the list. It might be first or second list but certainly your admission is guaranteed.
Not recommended
Not recommended means you didnt meet the cut-off marks set for your department, it does not mean you will not make the list but your chances are quite slim.
Most people that were not recommended last year still end up making the second list and even very few made the first list.
Not set
your departmental cut off is not set yet. not yet certain weather you are recommended or not recommended. For this category I will advise you keep checking the portal until you see recommended or not recommended.
Stepped Down
Issues with your credentials/application and my advice is visit your department and clarify as soon as possible.
Not Qualified 
This means you aren’t qualified for the course you applied for. You may need to visit the department to ascertain what the actual problem is if this be your case.
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