UNILAG HOSTEL BALLOTING: DSA Explains Why Some Refused To Get Bed Spaces After Successful Message

Dear Students,

Following the numerous complaints received in relation to the 2023/2024 hostel allocation balloting exercise currently going on. I would like to provide the following information / clarifications

This year in our effort to improve the hostel application process. We now require that all interested student submit the applications after which the system would process all applications in order of time submitted and then subjecting them to the rules of hostel allocation.

Successful submission of the initial application does not mean you have been allocated a bed space.

The below are the possible responses after the initial submission and the corresponding description:

This means your application was successful and you have been allocated a bedspace in your selected hostel. An email notification would be send containing the hostel and bedspace information. You would be required to make payment for the bedspace within 7 days or risk the allocation being revoked and reallocated.

Accommodation Quota Exceeded
The limited number of spaces available have been distributed across all levels of the various departments in the ratio of their respective student population. As soon as hostel allocation assigned to a particular level/department is reached, all subsequent applications would get the “Accommodation Quota Exceeded” notification.

Extra year students are not allowed to reserve accommodation
Students in extra year are not allowed to participate in the hostel balloting exercise

Sorry, you can only have one active reservation at a time
This means you have a pending submission that is yet to be processed. You can however reapply once a decision has been made on your previous submission.

Sorry, there are currently no available rooms in “Hall Name”. You may try again later
This means there are no more rooms available for allocation in this hall

You must register for the 2023/2024 session before making an accommodation reservation
This means you are not registered for the current session and therefore not eligible to participate in the hostel allocation exercise.


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