The Importance of Adopting Solar Energy in Homes and industries

By Oriyomi Bolade John

A brief introduction to Solar Energy
The term Solar Energy refers to radiant heat and light from the sun. This energy travels over 93 million miles from the sun to the earth. Solar Energy is harnesses and converted to heat or electricity using various technologies.
Solar energy in it simple term is energy from the sun. But in its more professional term, the term stands for Photovoltaic which simply is electricity from the sun. How do you feel to enjoy electricity from the natural resource, no extra charges, no bill subscription, no light out because as much as the sun rises, your home and industries are powered.
Items needed for Soalr System

Solar Panels: Solar panel also known as photovoltaics (PV) or solar cells. Solar panels are made up of semiconductor materials. They convert Sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
Charge Controller: The solar charge controller is basically a voltage and/or current regulator which is connected between the solar panel and the battery and load. Its main function is to manage the charge and discharge of the battery and keep the battery pack in good condition.

Solar Batteries: Solar batteries are available in various forms and designs depending on the use and also on the manufacturer. Basically a solar battery must be able to withstand constant and frequent charging whilst it delivers the required power/voltage output.
Inverter: This is a device that converts DC electricity into AC electricity, allowing the PV system
to be used for appliances that require AC current.
The above is done in order for you my reader to have a little knowledge of what Solar really is. With the above explained now we need to delve into the importance of Solar Energy in Homes and industries.

The Importance of Solar Energy

  1. Solar Electricity Makes Your Home Go Off-the-Grid
    The decrease in the cost of solar panels serves as a great example of why there should be an increase in the use of solar energy. Traditional electricity relies heavily on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they are also limited resources. This translates into a volatile market, in which energy prices alter throughout the day.

Solar electricity boosts your electricity independence! By investing in a 4kW solar system, which is the most common domestic size, you can easily protect yourself against unpredictable increases in utility prices, and enjoy cheap electricity throughout the entire day – the sun will never increase its rates and it gives you energy security.

Once you have solar panels up on your roof, you’ve technically reached an energy-independent status. Serving you a 24 hours power supply.
2.Solar Power Causes Less Electricity Loss
Electricity needs to be transported from big power plants to end-consumers via extensive networks. Long distance transmissions equal power losses. Ever wondered what are solar panels used for? They’re on your roof to get energy from the sun. Rooftop solar power is helpful in increasing electricity efficiency, considering the short distance. Your energy becomes domestic and as a result you’re in control of your own bills and energy usage. Furthermore, solar power systems are durable, thus chances of service interruption are reduced.

  1. Solar Energy is Noiceless: Online the traditional usage of Generator, the solar system does not emit any noice that is, it has zero level of noice. You can enjoy your movies and songs without any disturbance of noice.
  2. Solar power is less costly.
    This advantages and more are the priviledges you have when you use Solar Energy in your homes, industries and business places.

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