I welcome you all to 2019, and I say happy new year readers. I also pray that may we all be highly favoured in this year.
Evidently, it is of great importance to share your admission story so as to inspire and motivate others who would be struggling for this year’s admission as well as those who are at the verge of giving up.
Do this with all your heart believing that it will help a soul.
And lastly, do well to drop a prayer for admission seekers.
God bless you all and happy new year


  1. My Admission experience was so "testing". .so many heart exercises. Lol.i personally learnt how to put God first and never give up.this last jamb was my 3rd attempt ,so that gives u hint,i went through depression at some point ., and honestly this year i had lost hope of admisson ,(since i didnt make merit),infact i was about reading for gce exams when i saw a change in my admission status.lots of thanks to yomsdirect for reliable informations and the resounding words of hope.bless.
    To whoever will be reading this, still seeking admission. Never give up, shut the door to the negative thoughts in your hard.pray harder.and hey!, let God do his work.

  2. I left secondary school in 2015 and I also sat for jamb that year and the school I picked was Unilag. Unfortunately, I got 198 I was mad with myself bcs I allowed psychological problems to worsen my jamb result due to this I moved on to learn Graphics and printing @Mokola in Ibadan. The following year I applied for jamb I got 205 then, post UTME wasn't conducted at Unilag due to this my point was very low u can't imagine a candidate aspiring for Law 50.13 as the total point so I moved on to 2017 jamb, people were advising me not to pick Unilag but I refused bcs the school was my dream school right from Primary school days so I got 212 that year and I applied for Unilag post UTME which I got 11/30 I wasn't happy, parent kept quite, church member said I wasn't seriuos, pastor said I need fasting and prayer and my friends level has changed due to this I went inside my room and prayed to my God and also fasted to be sincere I didnt here anything from God so I went ahead and obtained 2018 jamb with my younger bro to this same Unilag so I worked hard and got 240 in jamb. After my jamb my pastor and my dad advise me to change my course from Mass com to po science but as for me I went inside and prayed on a serious note something fell into my heart that I should changed the course to social work. After the changed of course I quarantine myself indoor and prepared for 2018/19 Unilag post UTME and I got 14 I wasn't happy bcs my younger br got 14 thought I was a bit relaxed considering Unilag cutoff mark for social work was low until I saw 64.5 as social work cutoff when they released 2018/19 cutoff then I realized village people are behind me. Brethren I prayed and fasted and went to series of revival and vigil and my Mentor helped me a lot and my dad also was there helping me towards my admission. Nevertheless I was in a Vigil when I logged in to watsap and saw some messages sent by some group members that their caps just changed immediately, I checked my Caps and I saw AIP I was crying that people noticed me tho my course was changed from Social work to Educational Administration .

    1 This year to all admission seekers u Shall laugh
    2 The Never failing will not fail u
    3 This year is your year of testimony, Grace and Glory

  3. Gaining admission into the university requires the help from God and intense reading to scale through, I did not gain admission last year because I did not put God first and read the right things, so I learnt my lesson so this year I did the right and cut off from all forms of distractions, and surprisingly God rewarded me with admission, scoring way above the cutoff mark, it really is a big testimony for me.
    My prayer for all admission seekers is that God in his infinite mercy will grant you your heart desires ijn.

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