Requirements, Procedures As UNILAG Hostel Registration, Lectures Starts Today

Unilag hostel registration


Following the released revised academic calendar, the management of University of Lagos, UNILAG, yesterday has informed its students to start the registration of hostel accommodation today, in order to allow the registered ones move into the hostels on Saturday, November 4, 2023 as lectures start.

Certain requirements must be met before students can be cleared to move in into their various halls of residence. This piece shall address documents and processes to have a successful hostel registration.

It is important to note that requirements needed for hostel registration differs but they share some things in common. The documents include:

• Accommodation slip, which is to be downloaded from the student portal

• Remita reciept and student portal receipt of the hostel allocation payment. While the student portal receipt can be gotten from https://studentportal.unilag.edu.ng/ , the remita reciept can be gotten from your email. That’s why it is necessary to write down the remita number so as to make reference to it later.

• Wapic insurance to be paid at access bank inside Unilag.

• Lagmobile to be gotten from the DSA`s office. However you are to pay the sum of 1200 at the microfinance Bank then proceed to the DSA office.

• Passport photographs (at least six)

• sponsor’s photograph.

• Photocopy of i.d card, course form, BioData

• Condition of tenancy you can download below. Kindly note that not all hostels accept this condition of tenancy. Various hostels will provide it own condition of tenancy.

• Money to purchase file at various halls.

• Money to have your condition of tenancy signed by the lawyer.



Students take days to have their hostel registration completed. The truth is that the process can be done within a day. All you have to do is to have the necessary documents.

Approach your hall with the documents listed above, you will be asked to pay for file. The file will contain documents to be signed the HOD of your department and a lawyer.


Return back to your hall to submit the documents above and the signed documents.

Visit the institution website for more information on the balloting exercise. http://unilag.edu.ng

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