Negative Effects Of Procrastination And How To Deal With It

Procrastination means looking for reasons and excuses to postpone an action you should do. It’s very bad. Many people procrastinate and they’ve felt the impact in various ways. Read this article to learn the effects of procrastination and how to avoid it

Effects of procrastination

Inability to complete tasks

You may have something important to do but because of laziness, you’ll snub and snub it until it’s no longer required. This’ll make you lose many things

Loss of time

Imagine the time you spent trying to snub what you snubbed. Suppose you did it all along, you’d have extra time to do other stuffs but hey, you wasted it all because of laziness

Inability to accomplish plans

When you have a goal and you’ve planned for it, procrastination makes it more difficult to achieve your goals because plan works hand in hand with time. By the time you shift time, remember you can’t shift the deadline of your plans. Therefore you may shift time out of the period required by your plan

Disqualified for opportunities

When opportunity meets requirements, success comes. What if you’re required to do something so that you may be qualified for an upcoming offer? By the time you procrastinate, you may lose that offer

Stagnation of various aspects of your life

By the time you find silly excuses to shift your tasks, this behavior would definitively affect various aspects of your life. Examples of such aspects are career, personal, education, etc.


Inferiority complex comes when you don’t match up to the standard of others. Let’s say you have clothes to wash but you’ve been postponing and postponing it. What would you do when all your clean clothes are dirty? You’ll wear them that way causing low self-esteem

How to Deal With procrastination

Know it doesn’t Work

This is essential. You should know that anyone who doesn’t prepare before hand for procrastination, stands the chance of procrastinating. Why? No matter how strong, everyone has their weak spot.

Prepare for it

You can prepare beforehand against procrastination by

-Knowing your weak spot
-Making sure it won’t be your problem when you’ve got plans by satisfying it beforehand
-Always being cautious

By the time you do these, you’ll definitely be prepared against procrastination

Know what’s waiting for you

What’s your goal? What do you want to achieve? By the time you know this, move on to the next step

Value what’s waiting for you

You should develop utmost value for your goals. This’ll give procrastination less room to come in. When you value what’s waiting for you at the other side, you’ll definitely cross the bridge

Anticipate before you act

Do this by knowing the challenges that’ll come. Anticipate by listening to your body and knowing whether it’s ready to accomplish a goal. When you do this, you’ll act only when the time comes.

Make and follow your priority list

A reason why people procrastinate is mixed up priorities. When people do something they shouldn’t be doing now (perhaps because they’ve got other stuffs to do), they’ll become lazy and procrastinate. However, if you follow your made priority list, achieving your goal wouldn’t be that difficult

Plan for personal breaks

Your body isn’t made of wood. You need rest. When you’re planning how to achieve your goal, make sure you place time you’ll use in resting. When you do this, there’ll be less room for laziness because you know there’s resting time

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