The 2022 Mock exam seems to have gone well going by the updates we received so far on the JAMB 2022 Mock Exam. Following demands from candidates who did not participate in the JAMB mock exam, below are some of the questions that were asked in the mock exam. You can join any of our WhatsApp groups for more important information like this.

More mock questions that are likely examination questions will be posted there


On English

We had on comprehension 5 questions under it, One cloze test with 10 questions under it, Life Changer with 7 questions under, sentence completion, antonyms and synonyms, oral English , etc.

Comprehension bothers on the topic of letter writing, how it is important in day to day life.


For cloze text/register, it bothers on POPULATION

  1. What was Talle’s crime?
  2. Where did Talle run into when he heard the police siren?
  3. Why did the people of Lafayette notice that Talle has committed the crime.

Answer. Because of his uneasiness

  1. How many years has the Lafayette reign before Talle’s crime?
  2. What’s was the kidnapper Taller collaborated with?

Ans. Zaraki

  1. Where did the Police tell Talle to take them to?

Ans. His house where he kept the boy kidnapped

  1. How much did the kidnappers demand from the man?

a. ₦250,000 b. $350,000 c. ₦350,000

The questions on life Changer is found in Chapter 3, everything about Talle

In Antonyms we had words that we were told to find the opposite like :


a. Terse b. Garrulous


A. Rowdy b. Decorous c. Tranquil


A. Frugal b. Miser c.


A. Erratic b. Coerced c.

For the case of Synonyms, they are:


A. Eagerly b. Fervently c. Speciousness


A. Would b. Sure c. Bush d. Crush


A. Incipient b. Imminent c. Pending

B is correct


A. B. Rancid

For possible interpretation:

The meaning of these terms

I. Blow of the handle

Ii. Given the boot

Iii. Play your cards close to your chest

Iv. Putting on a long face

Sentence completion

If I could, I _

a. Can b. Could c. Will d. Would

This is a…… organisation.

A. Woman b. Womens c. Women’s d. Womens’

For oral


A. Bale b. Bail c. Aisle d. Hale .. this question was repeated twice.


A. Seal b. Led c. Made d. Beak

Also saw Stress; emphatic stress, word stress and question tags


Topics on blood group, genetics, evolution, adaptation, body systems, identifying parts of a pant.. etc

The hormone which tones up the muscles of a person in time of danger is produced by?

The mode of nutrition exhibited by tapeworm is what?

One of the following is a common feature of radial symmetry

The supporting tissue of xylem is poorly developed in where?

The thoracic cavity is seperated from abdominal region by a dome-shaped muscles known as?

The function of chloroplast is?

The shape of heart from the amphibian fishes down to human he is what type of evolutionary study?

The evolutionary study that involves the foetal is what?

What does animal and plant cells have in common

A. Central vacuole b Chloroplast c. Cell membrane d. Cell wall


Force, motion, quantities, heat capacity, waves and lences, energy, power, electrolysis, bonding, waves, lens, momentum


Red+Green is what?

The function of a split ring commutator in a DC circuit is what?

Young modulus of a material is what?

What is the dimension for (v=at) where v is velocity

A luminous object can be seen when it

A. Diffract light b. Reflect light

A wave whose vibration are only produced in one place is called?

The relationship between capacitor and dielectric material is?

A radioactive substance has a half life of three days and a mass of 15g, what was it’s mass 18days ago?

Mass of copper deposited when 0.25A of electricity is passed through it for 60mins is?

The Earth magnetic field consists of line pointing to what direction?

In an electronic device, the output voltage is through

A. C


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