Comprehension passages on ENGLISH was based on constitution

Literature Midsummer’s night dream didn’t come out
Questions came out on Wuthering heights

English…There was Stress, Comprehension, Emphatic stress, Sound.
The life changer;

Who were the four roommates…Ans:Ada,Ngozi,Salma and Tomiwa
What made them have a special bond…Ans:Food
Who did Salma think owned the car…Ans:Habib
What work for Talle do…Ans:He was a driver.

ECOWAS maintained peace keeping operation with which country
What year did ECOWAS formed
In who’s regime did ECOWAS.

How many states was formed in 1996
Igbo pre colonial system came out
In the tradition, Hausa Fulani political authority was vested on?

The head of the Hausa / Fulani pre colonial system is?

Local government reforms was essentially done in

1976 creation of states

lyttleton constitution

literature- general principles, bat, look back in anger

economics– supply and demand


opec population.

They asked in physics transmission of light through transparent Nd semi transparent material is …..

Reaction between hydrogen sulphide and limited oxygen is…..

They ask the amount of OH— ion in 0.01 M of HCL in mol/dm³

Physics: The fundamental property of a propagating wave which depends only on the source and not the medium of propagation is the?

Life changer Questions

What brought unity among salma and her room mates?

What was Talle occupation ?

Why was salma expelled from the school?

How old was bint?


Pre colonial political systems

Political parties

Peer pressure

Military rule

Which political system had the most centralized system of government?

Which political system was based on the principle of checks and balances ?

When was the largest number of states created in Nigeria?

Which of this countries is not a member of Ecowas

a,chad b,Nigeria c,South Africa D,Togo

Which of this Nigerian leaders helped in the creation of Ecowas

A. Muritala muhammed B. Olusegun Obasanjo C. Yakubu Gowon D. Argunyi Ironsi

Literature: Literary terms


1.Spines in plant is for?

A. Defense

B. I can’t remember

  1. Catcus plant is usually found where?

A. Desert

B. Grassland

  1. Exoskeleton in animals are for?

A. Locomotion

B. Respiration

C. ….


Flame cell is for ….

The respiratory of paramecium


Climax community

The brain that controls heartbeat.

To chemistry


Organic chemistry

Valence electrons

Shape of molecules.


Calculations was on electrolysis, equilibrium, solubility, empirical mass, heat of reactions.

English register was about constitution

These are the questions I could recall


Willink’s constitution was set up to

Pressure groups main aim is to

The political party that made entrance for the 4th republic

Nigeria was removed from the Commonwealth in whose regime

The military system is remembered for? Ans: Creation of states

These are the questions I could recall*Govt

Willink’s constitution was set up to

Pressure groups main aim is to

The political party that made entrance for the 4th republic

Nigeria was removed from the Commonwealth in whose regime

The military system is remembered for? Ans: Creation of states

Antonyms: truculent, expatiate

Synonyms: pro rata

Life Changer

Bint’s mother is a. Gullible b. Reticent ( can’t recall d other options)

Ummi thinks Omar is a. Naïve b. Weak c. Vulnerable (I dunno option D)

Bint’s classmates thinks she is

Govt cont’d

Defense pact of Nigeria and Britain …. I can’t recall d rest

In English idioms

To read btw the line is what

To put one foot in one mouth is what


Fruits how they are formed


Brain responsible for respiration and heartbeat

Where are cactus found

Cell with nucleus the answer was sha leucocytes (WBC)

Exoskeleton uses


Calculation on linear expansivity

Gravitational force the formula

Momentum also


Frequency for overtone

Period (using T1 /T2 =square root of l1/l2


Faraday’s law


Register was on Constitution



Test of orals(stress)



The Life changer

-According to the text Zaki was more of a …….. Criminal

A. Hardened

B. Amateur

– according to the text ummi was

A. Gullible

B. reticent

– according to the text Omar was

A. Naive.

Talle’s condition taught us about the danger of

A. Greed.

B. Loneliness

C. Lack of parental guidance


The Bowman’s capsule is located where?

A. Cortex

B. Medulla

C. Pelvis

Flame cells are found in

A. Annelids

B. tapeworms

C. Mullusca


Calculate on;



Convex mirrors

Simple microscope

Electric field(coulumbs law)

Specific heat capacity


Photoelectric emissions

Sound waves


Saki was described as a, thug, hustler
the inner layer of the kidney
C’est tres bien meaning
Omar’s immediate younger sister
Grease him palm with money was said to who
words like
mno2 in dry cell
nano3 + FeSO4 + H2SO4 what is the product
Largest game reserve in Nigeria
find the length of the tube, If the fundamental frequency is 170Hz and the velocity is 340m/s
s.h.c. of copper = 390, heat is 3.4 ×10^-3 the initial temperature is 15°C and the mass is o.2kg. find the final temperature
Percentage of tin in bronze
Find the force on 2 charges of 4microC and 3microC separated by a distance of 0.25m. (1/4π€°= 9×10^9)
minimum energy required for reaction to take place
which of the following lack nuclear membrane
a. protozoa b. monera c. fungi
The membrane surrounding the vacuole
which of the following makes food from inorganic molecules
a. euglena b. amoeba c. paramecium
what is the frequency in an inductor of inductance 1H, and 1250 ohms
which gas causes, dizziness and brain damage
which compound of aluminum is used as a coagulant
questions on waves, simple machines, linear expansivity,
questions on equilibrium, organic chemistry (naming), electrolysis
Hydrocarbon used for tarring road
The separation technique where purity of substance is of concern


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