Speaking about his administration, he said the administration is open to questions, corrections and advises from any relevant quarters who are interested to know about its financial and other activities, adding that such would certainly help the university to move forward.

He said the recent crisis which led to his suspension and that of the former chairman of the governing council of the university, Dr Wale Babalakin, had grievous consequences on the university, especially as regards various losses incurred during the period including up to £40 million research grants by the faculty members.

While declaring that UNILAG would continue to re-brand for improvement and make it a global model, he lamented that the university would certainly face with the problem of payment for electricity use on campus when the students return, particularly to hostels.

He said the university before the coronavirus lockdown was paying between N61 and N62 million as electricity bill monthly and now with the increment in tariff would definitely be paying more than N90 million monthly by the time the students resume and return to hostels.

In addition to this, he pointed out, the university also spends up to N45 million on diesel procurement within three to four months.

“And where to get these huge amounts of money for electricity consumption on campus will certainly be a serious problem for the university, by the time we resume fully with students in hostels,” he stressed.

Source: Tribune

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