Report has it that, most candidates saw the ‘Not admitted’ notification on their CAPS portal which simply means that they have not been offered provisional admission at their institution of choice, So therefore you are all advised not to click on the ‘ACCEPT’ icon until your admission status changes to ” ADMITTED”, clicking on the ‘ACCEPT’ icon simply means you’ve accepted a non- existent admission.

By the  time your school of choice releases her admission list,you will not only see the “ACCEPT” icon but also a ‘DECLINE’ icon . You are enjoined not to click on the ‘ACCEPT’ icon until you receive an admission notification from your institution of choice.
Please note, To those who might have clicked on the ‘ACCEPT’ icon, your action implies that you have accepted the course and institution choice, so you won’t be placed in the JAMB proposed CAPS market place peradventure you were not later offered provisional admission in your school of choice.

Everyone is implored to wait for their institution of choice to release her admission list which on release changes your CAPS admission status which still shows ‘Not Admitted’ to ‘Admitted’ then you accept if you want and ‘DECLINE’ if you don’t, but if by then it still shows NOT ADMITTED, then you will be placed in the CAPS MARKET PLACE waiting for schools that couldn’t meet up with their admission quota to admit you on request.

   Lastly for those who might have already clicked on the ‘ACCEPT’ icon , all you could to help is by praying and hoping that you get admitted into your school of choice because you have automatically disqualified yourself from being returned to the CAPS market place if you were not later admitted. Happy Weekend.

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  1. Please in the above information i made a mistake by clicking on the accaept icon which i wasn't aware of the consequence.please i need your help to solve my problem,it was a mistake.

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