​*Hello great UNILAG ASPIRANTS✊🏽*

As we all know the time we’ve all been waiting is now!!!! I know so many pple will be excited!! Some overwhelmed!!!! Some over joyous!!! Yeah, its alright and very acceptable!!!!

Now, u must know than before that at this time that so many people will want to scam u as they believe u are all fresher’s and still very ignorant and overwhelmed by the whole thing:) and will be willing to just give them everything u av so far they satisfy ur desires. Yes it happens like that every where ( it even happened to me too, my friend Timichocho and so many others☹) but having experienced this not too good act and most of them didn’t even end up giving us all we needed, I and some of my other friends came up with an idea to establish a kind of platform like this to help fresher’s coming in newly in to the University of Lagos!!!! With the priority of providing with all the useful informations u need to successfully complete ur admission process and ease the whole stress cos really its always very stressful and at times tiring😫
We av tried our bests in proving u with necessary informations and we also appreciate everybodies  activeness and participation on the group thus far, we also don’t want to stop here, we are of the aim of by Gods special grace following ur admission process till the whole process is fully completed and then u too will be *Great Akokites* and all be able to also help others too later in life:)
Knowing that Post utme registration and screening excercise starts tomorrow, u can contact the following numbers for easy registration:

08177688312, 08132002146
Remember that u are not yet students of unilag yet but are aspirants but by the special grace of God all be Akokites in a matter of weeks, wat I really expect u guys to be doing now better than before is to be strong in prayers, believe and actually read well!!!!! Cos I tell once u pass extremely well and u meet up with the necessary standards, unilag has no choice than to pick u!!! So please be wise!!! 
Pray well!! Read well!!!! Study well!!! This is not a time to lounge or party but a time to be super serious!!!!! 
My desire and prayer for u all is that these beautiful faces I am seeing here will all be admitted into the University of Lagos and then the I ll  be greatly happy and be able to specially congratulate u saying: WELCOME! GREAT AKOKITE!!!! 

I love u all so much!!!!!😘😘😘

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