I will die if I school outside Lagos, lady narrates how vision almost derailed her

A lady who graduated from the university of Benin, Edo state, narrates how she overcome her fears of death if she studies outside Lagos.

She told YOMSDIRECT MEDIA “I wrote UTME six times cos my mom’s friend had a vision that I’ll d!e if I go to any school outside Lagos. I was an average student and UNILAG kept rejecting me year after year. After writing post utme the fifth time, mom went back to her friend to know if the vision had changed but it was still the same.

She later told me to give up trying to go to school and learn a trade instead “if I’m good at what I do, I’ll be successful”. I was devasted because I wanted to be a doctor.

I gave admission a last chance and this time around the guy who has been registering me for jamb all these years was able to convince me to choose UNIBEN. I explained the vision to him and he said “the will of the Lord will be done, pray and let him lead you through his will”

Right there, I prayed the admission should only come if it won’t kill me.

I filled UNIBEN and for the first time in the six years I’ve been writing jamb, I actually gained admission. I was so happy and worried at the same time because my mother won’t allow me school outside Lagos. So I lied to her, told her the admission was from UNILAG instead.

My mom paid my tuition fee all through university without knowing I actually school in UNIBEN. I finally told her the day I graduated and she cried. Till date I never knew why she cried, but I saw regret in her eyes.

…she said

This raised lots of reactions from fans and followers. Some blamed her for believing in vision and not believing in prayers. Others made gest of her saying that finally she finally graduated.

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