How to send nudes safely – Police offers tips

How to send nudes safely – Police offers tips

SP Benjamin Hundeyin of the Lagos State Police Command shares important advice on sending explicit content securely, cautioning citizens about the dangers of extortion and blackmail.

Using Twitter, SP Hundeyin emphasised the importance of safeguarding one’s privacy and identity when engaging in any form of intimate online communication. He urged individuals to exercise caution when sharing sensitive material, such as explicit photos or videos, with others.

“If you must send nudes, at least do one-view or cover your face or any other identification mark,” Hundeyin tweeted. He also highlighted that video calls can be screen-captured or recorded, potentially leading to clandestine recording of intimate moments without consent.

The police officer went on to express his concern about the growing number of individuals, including notable figures, who have approached him after falling victim to blackmail and extortion involving their explicit content.

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