How to make a handmade slippers within 30minutes

By Oyebanji odunayo Janet

Good morning, this is another edition on DIY ‘Do It Yourself’ on how to make a birkens slippers, within 30 minutes. Here I am going to show you the materials needed and I am also going to show you how to make it.
These are things need are:
A birkens stock foot sole and its foam
A quality leather, size of two leg for upper straps
Shoe linen
An Evo-Stik gum
A quality super glue
A gum brushes
Rulers, a hard book (for dummy) and pencils
A pair of buckles of sandals
Shape cutting tools (Scissors, piercing nail)
A hammer
Now let us start:
The design I am making is this design (shown below): you have to draw pattern you want on a hard paper as a dummy, then you draw the pattern on the leather, after carving it out, use the same pattern to carve its linen.
Then after getting the carved leather and its linen, take the Evo- Stik and the brush, on each pattern of the design, then join them together. After its dried, take the piercing nail to pierce the hole for buckles then fix the buckles.

Take the birkens foam scratch its surfaces and the leather surface, apply the gum again and leave it for 5 mins to dry a little, the take the leather and the foam and join them at the edges of both materials and fix it to fit, you can use the foot caricature to check its fitting or your leg.

After you have gotten the fitting, take the sole, apply gum on all the surface of the sole and the foam, wait for 5 minutes and join them together then use the hammer to hit very hard to get glued.

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