How To Get South Korean Scholarship With Ease

How To Get South Korean Scholarship With Ease

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Table of Contents

  • How To Get South Korean Scholarship With Ease
    • Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the Korean Scholarship
    •  Masters in South Korea for International Students
    • South Korean Scholarship Benefits
    • How Can One Get a 100% Full Scholarship?
      • Know where to look
      • Prepare in advance

How To Get South Korean Scholarship With Ease

Many persons know Korea as the home of K beauty and K pop,  many persons are not aware that this country is one of the best place’s to study,  and being a prime location for higher education, we have decided to write in this pressing question How To Get South Korean Scholarship With Ease, as about two of her universities are placed in first 100 best universities.  Thou studying in this country can get quite expensive at some point.

The following steps are ways to get the scholarship

Get your application form together and submit it

This country admission policy is dependent on the applicant’s,  you need to have all your documents ready before the period of acceptance.  If you want to get admitted in September you have to submit your details by may or June. You need to get the Test of proficiency in  Korea.  Application can be through the study in  Korea website.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the Korean Scholarship

Many persons who don’t know how to get south Korean scholarship with ease, are often seen wondering what are the criteria used in accepting students, here each has been listed.

  • International students are free to apply thou some of her scholarships are limited to Asian countries, and countries in close ties with them.
  • Must possess the necessary documents needed to gain scholarship in the area of specialization, e.g like bachelor’s degree must have at least a high school certificate.
  • Must be medically fit 
  • Must be willing to writing a standard statement of purpose
  • Must be under 40 years to be admitted in any program
  • Must possess a GPA  of 2.64 on 4.0 scale
  •  Documents needed are CV, transcripts/Certificate,  passport,  health certificate,  evidence of language proficiency,  research proposal, letters of introduction, referee’s letter, 

 Masters in South Korea for International Students

Having your masters degree in south Korea can be one of the best decisions you will make as an international students,  many students before enquiring on how to get south Korean scholarship with ease, will always seek for information on their prospective programs, like masters in south Korea for international students. 

 South Korea is gradually taking over the modern world, through her high tech innovations and pop music which some of the innovations were greatly contributed through research in her various universities. Korea is international friendly in that about 30% of her courses are taught in English, and her masters gives you the opportunity to have firsthand experience of standard education system.  The Korean government provides funding for about 2000 international students yearly through scholarships.

Masters in south Korea is offered by about 376 universities,  having an international students population of 84,749, and the program lasts 1-3 years.  In Korea master’s is offered in general research universities, and it is cheaper to do this programs in a public university than private universities which pays higher fees. Thou Korea has some campuses of some popular international universities. 

Thou fees vary for each of this programs, but the estimates are 

Public universities

They pay between this per semester ₩2,800,000 (USD $2,400) – ₩5,740,000 (USD $4,950)

Private universities

They pay between this per semester too ₩4,280,000 (USD $3,680) – ₩7,880,000 (USD $6,770). 

South Korean Scholarship Benefits

Korean scholarship will offer her candidates the following

  • Tuition fee fully or partially funded
  • Airfare ticket
  • Monthly allowance
  • Research allowance
  • Stipend
  • Dormitory fee

Some applicant’s are fond of asking this question, and in our bids to guide you on how to get south Korean scholarship with ease, will be answering it. 

How Can One Get a 100% Full Scholarship?

They’re several ways one can get this scholarships, it can be  gotten from the following Way’s 

  • Know where to look

They’re several ways to search for scholarships, candidate search for scholarships in blogs, like Impactlifetech, and most of her Information are always reliable,  thou your first point of contact is actually knowing which university you want to apply to study and which country, also the website’s of the university will provide you with the right information. 

 Thou blogs like fastweb and can also be of help, as this scholarship is arranged accordingly.  And you can easily march your needs.

  • Prepare in advance

Preparation they say begets success, so if you wish to  gain this scholarship you need to have prepared early, getting your documents ready and studying everything you need to know about the scholarship, if possible look for referee’s who can extra miles to cite your achievement and have a strong statement of purpose, where you will clearly list yiyr achievement too like volunteer works, leadership experience etc

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