The management of University of Lagos, (UNILAG) on Monday, while addressing the requirements of 2023 hostel balloting exercise, reiterated its concerns for students of the institution, claiming it is not their plan to make students drop out due to the recent fee hike,

Recall that YOMSDIRECT reported that UNILAG has increased the institution fees of it’s students, ranging from non medical courses, laboratory courses to medical courses.

Addressing the issue on it website, inorder to ameliorate the demands of angry protesting students, UNILAG wrote.

We wish to reassure all students of the University of Lagos that they remain the top priority of the institution, and University authorities are committed to ensuring that no UNILAG student drops out due to the recently reviewed obligatory fees.

To this end, provisions have been made for indigent students who are unable to make payment of the obligatory fees to register with the Dean, Student Affairs Division (DSA) for further processing.

Kindly be assured also that all UNILAG students who take advantage of the Instalment Option and pay the first instalment will be eligible to ballot for hostel accommodation (Please click: https://unilag.edu.ng/?p=26015 for further details on the breakdown and procedure for the installment payment option)

It is imperative to emphasize that the university authorities are unwavering in efforts aimed at ameliorating challenges that students and parents/guardians may face due to the recent review of the university‚Äôs obligatory fees. Furthermore, the University Management is readily available to discuss with actual UNILAG students (who are currently on break) whenever the need arises.

All UNILAG students are enjoined to note that the university is here to serve them in their educational journey to becoming the best versions of themselves and a beacon of excellence for their community and the nation at large.”

Head, Communication Unit
For: University of Lagos Management

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