Anxiety, Fear Grips UNILAG Students Ahead Today’s Protest As AAU Sets To Rusticate Students For Protesting Fee Hike

Students of University Of Lagos, (UNILAG) have decided to continue their peaceful protest today, Wednesday, over Fees Hike by the management of the institution, after having alas, a successful one last week.

The protest which is expected to starts by 8 :00 am at an agreed converging area, UNILAG junction . YOMSDIRECT confidently learnt.

Meanwhile, Ambrose Ali University, Edo State, (AAU) sets to Rusticate 16 protesting students of the Students’ Union leaders for protesting against fee hike of the management. This has made some enthusiast protesters to contemplate in joining todays protest.
Speaking with a 400 law student of the institution, David Okigwe, who however sees this protest as unnecessary.
“This protest is unnecessary, students should be protesting against the federal government, not the institution for failing to improve the system, refusing to pay withheld 8 month salaries of lecturers under the aegis of Academic Staff Union of Universities, removal of fuel price subsidy and decided to grant autonomy to institutions to operate independently of the government” He said.

When asked about his thoughts towards today’s protest in Unilag, he added “I was persuaded to be present in today’s protest scheduled to hold 8 : 00 am today before, but with what I saw in Ambrose Ali University, risking my studentship wouldn’t be an option” Okigwe added.

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