Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates into the School of Foundation Studies, University of Lagos for the 2017/2018 Academic Session under supplementary admission.
The School of Foundation Studies will provide an intensive one year programme teaching subjects in line with JUPEB Syllabus for admission according to the following subject combination groupings:
    ACC_BUS_ECO                                     SFS01

    ACC_ECO_GEO                                     SFS02

    ACC_ECO_GOV                                     SFS03

    ART_CRS_GOV                                     SFS04

    ART_CRS_MUS                                     SFS05

    ART_GOV_MUS                                     SFS06

    ART_LIT_MUS                                     SFS07

    ART_MAT_PHY                                     SFS08

    BIO_CHE_PHY                                     SFS09

    BIO_ECO_GEO                                     SFS10

    BIO_ECO_GOV                                     SFS11

    BIO_ECO_LIT                                     SFS12

    BIO_MAT_PHY                                     SFS13

    BUS_ECO_GOV                                     SFS14

    CHE_ECO_MAT                                     SFS15

    CHE_PHY_MAT                                     SFS16

    CRS_FRE_LIT                                     SFS17

    CRS_GOV_MUS                                     SFS18

    CRS_GOV_YOR                                     SFS19

    CRS_GOV_IGB                                     SFS20

    CRS_LIT_HIS                                     SFS21

    CRS_LIT_MUS                                     SFS22

    ECO_GEO_GOV                                     SFS23

    ECO_GOV_ISS                                     SFS24

    ECO_GOV_LIT                                     SFS25

    ECO_MAT_PHY                                     SFS26

    FRE_GOV_ISS                                     SFS27

    FRE_HIS_ISS                                     SFS28

    GOV_CRS_ECO                                     SFS29

    GOV_HIS_ISS                                     SFS30

    GOV_LIT_HIS                                     SFS31

    GOV_LIT_MUS                                   SFS32
    HIS_GOV_CRS                                    SFS33

    ISS_GOV_LIT                                     SFS34

    LIT_GOV_CRS                                     SFS35

    LIT_HIS_ISS                                         SFS36

    MAT_GEO_ECO                                   SFS37

    MAT_PHY_GEO                                   SFS38

    GOV_ISS_ECO                                     SFS39

    BIO_CHE_ECO                                     SFS40               
       CODE             SUBJECT
       ACC                 Accounting
       ART               Visual Arts
       BIO                Biology
       BUS                 Business Studies
       CHE              Chemistry
       CRS                Christian Religious Studies
       ECO               Economics
       FRE                French
       GEO              Geography                 
        GOV               Government
      HIS                 History
      ISS                 Islamic Studies
      IGB               Igbo
      LIT               Literature in English
      MAT             Mathematics
      MUS              Music
      PHY              Physics
      YOR              Yoruba
A minimum of FIVE credits (English Language, Mathematics and three relevant subjects)  obtained in one sitting at the SSCE/WASSC, GCE/O/L, NECO with results obtained before registration. 
 University of Lagos has  zero tolerance  for  drug abuse, sexual harassment, examination malpractice and other anti-social behaviours.  All admitted students will undergo compulsory medical test.
    visit the University of Lagos website (www.applications.unilag.edu.ng) 

    on the prospective students menu, click on the School of Foundation Studies

    go through the information on subject combinations relevant to your proposed choice of course of study for Direct Entry admission .

    complete the Pre-Application Form to obtain a payment reference number (PRN) using the applicant’s names.
For University of Lagos Staff Children:
    Click the staff biological child link, povide 5 digit staff ID number and select appropriate name on the   staff children list to  obtain a payment reference number (PRN).
    Cost of Application Form (including on line practice tests (excluding Bank Charges)):

    N=  25,000.00 (non-refundable).
    Make payment at any Commercial bank in Nigeria with the payment reference number (PRN)
– Return to the Univeristy website,  click on School of Foundation Studies and click on continue Application. Log in with PRN and applicant’s surname in lowercase as password.
N.B.: Please read the information on the subject combination relevant to your course of study  before completing the application forms online
    The Application opens on Monday, 2nd October, 2017 and closes on Monday,16thOctober, 2017.
    Examination Dates: Wednesday 18thOctober, 2017.

    Mode of Examination: Computer-Based Testing (Please check the Unilag Website a  week before examination to verify your venue and examination date).  
    All Questions are Multiple Choice.

    Examination subjects are:  Mathematics, English Language (20 questions each) and 3 other relevant subjects (according to candidates choice of subject  combination) of 15 questions each, that is, a total of 85 questions to be answered in 1 hour.                  
    Students are to report at designated venues – according to the schedule on the Examination Pass.
    All candidates must be at the designated venues two hours before the scheduled Examination time.

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